Forget the Summer Exhibition — meet the 5 art stars of tomorrow

    After a harsh few years, the class of 2022 are graduating. Our critic goes to the Royal College of Art’s final show to see what the future holds

    Raphael at the National Gallery — an Italian blockbuster

      He died aged 37, but was already a master in the league of Leonardo

      Spot the similarities — and sue Picasso!

        A simple exhibit of these two paintings, 76 years apart, side by side makes for riveting viewing

        Collage proves women’s art is on a roll

          This celebration of contemporary art is the type of show you wish would come round more often

          Edvard Munch at the Courtauld: the tortured genius who craved the sun

            This rare show of the Norwegian artist’s most personal work is a masterclass in painting, desire and terror

            Feminine Power at the British Museum: Mary Beard roars on to the battlefield

              Feminine Power at the British Museum is two exhibitions happening at once.

              Reframed: The Woman in the Window — an imaginative show ruined by identity politics

                This inspired take on the classic painter’s motif was set to be my exhibition of the year

                The Queen is history’s most famous face — but why are her portraits so dismal?

                  The camera loved Elizabeth II as if she were a film star and she loved it back. But I blame the Establishment School of Untalented Lackeys for all those disappointing paintings

                  Tate Britain exhibtion: the dark heart of Walter Sickert

                    He probably wasn’t Jack the Ripper, but he certainly tore up the rule book with art that is murky in every way

                    Venice Biennale: the art world is fiddling while the world burns

                      This should be art’s moment. But the me, me, me issues obsessing the pampered Gucci-clad hordes at the Venice Biennale feel terribly out of step