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Feminine Power at the British Museum: Mary Beard roars on to the battlefield

    Feminine Power at the British Museum is two exhibitions happening at once.

    Reframed: The Woman in the Window — an imaginative show ruined by identity politics

      This inspired take on the classic painter’s motif was set to be my exhibition of the year

      The Queen is history’s most famous face — but why are her portraits so dismal?

        The camera loved Elizabeth II as if she were a film star and she loved it back. But I blame the Establishment School of Untalented Lackeys for all those disappointing paintings

        Tate Britain exhibtion: the dark heart of Walter Sickert

          He probably wasn’t Jack the Ripper, but he certainly tore up the rule book with art that is murky in every way

          Venice Biennale: the art world is fiddling while the world burns

            This should be art’s moment. But the me, me, me issues obsessing the pampered Gucci-clad hordes at the Venice Biennale feel terribly out of step

            Venice Biennale winner Sonia Boyce: ‘We need to inspire’

              The British artist won the top award that eluded Bacon, Hockney and Freud.

              Inspiring Walt Disney at the Wallace Collection — the surprising links between French rococo and Frozen

                How the spirit of the 18th century lives on in cinema

                Hew Locke: The Procession is the show Prince William and Kate should have seen before Jamaica

                  Tate Britain is transformed into a carnival but look twice, it is not so celebratory

                  Francis Bacon, David Hockney and Picasso: Inside their studios

                    Meticulously tidy or a horrible mess? To really know an artist, just look at their studio

                    A Life of Picasso Volume IV by John Richardson review — a masterpiece of a biography

                      John Richardson’s latest work reveals that the darker the artist’s personal life, the greater was his genius