Monthly Archives: November 2014

Ancient art or modern lust?

A magazine shoot of Kim Kardashian naked has caused a sensation. It echoes classical depictions of the female form, but far from celebrating women, it panders to male fantasy.

The flip side of Pop Art

After Warhol, pop art underwent a controversial revival in Russia and China. On the eve of a Saatchi show, Waldemar Januszczak looks at how the work cocked a snook at dictators, while Audrey Ward interviews the artists

Danger! Sexist twaddle

The RA’s Allen Jones retrospective is a silly show, proving how the pop artist’s career took a disastrous turn from poetic to seedy

Fierce creatures

Schiele’s nudes are kinky, sexy and outrageous; Moroni’s portraits and religious works are intense and disconcerting

Reflected vainglory

The Hayward’s tries for a new take on the old story of urban alienation, but its egotism gets in the way