Monthly Archives: March 2011

Bill Woodrow, Waddington Galleries

Bill Woodrow’s brilliant junk sculptures whisk you straight out of Cork Street and take you back to the darker side of 1980s Britain.

Shine a Light

The prehistoric cave art of Chauvet gets the 3-D treatment from Werner Herzog with amazing results.

Watteau, Royal Academy

‘Watteau was born good and got better’ – Waldemar Januszczak sees a compelling case made for one of the greats.

Hit me with those laser beams

Anthony McCall is a hot target for modern thinkers and creates light sculptures that mix science and sensuality. Shine on.

Afghanistan, British Museum

A treasure trove of historic Afghan artefacts is revealed at the British Museum and it’s a dazzling display.

The wonder list

From the Taj Mahal and Madrid airport to Cate Blanchett and a Ming Imperial yellow-glazed dish — here are 20 examples of beauty

Tricky figure to frame

The National’s Jan Gossaert show expertly captures one of the shadiest Netherlandish masters.